Kudzai's beautiful birthday message to Khanyi Mbau

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Khanyi Mbau celebrated her birthday on the 15th of October. Many of her family and friends came out to wish her well. However her man Kudzai took to instagram and shared a beautiful message to Khanyi.

Kudzai said that he had reactivated his instagram account just to put a message for Khanyi. He said " reactivated my account just for one special person tonight"

He also penned beautiful post to her saying 'Thank your for being my pillar of strength! Thank you for never letting me down, even when I do. Thank you for always coming through and bringing joy into my world. Thank you for always being the bigger person. You are one person who can sacrifice anything just to see me happy. You are my world, my strength and my peace of mind'

He then ended of with Happy birthday my wife. Khanyi has been spotted with a rock on her finger aswell.

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