Google Knows This Information About You, Do This To Delete It


If everyone truly reads the terms and conditions of Facebook or Google before accepting them, I am sure nobody would have dared to use them.

In this age of modern technology, privacy hss become a thing of the past. More than often, these online platforms gather personal data and sell them to online advertisers. That is why you will find that if you google "price of a new Tecno Cammon", next time you go online, you will find an exact advertisement showiy you the "best and discounted deals of Tecno Cammon!!"

Recently, I stumbled upon my personal information stored in Google servers and it was very scaring. Okay, let me show you some below.

Hey wait! (Writer, are you aged 18-24 years?) Oh f*cking accurate! And scaring too. Not only that, see more information below (Photos):

As you can see, Google has stored pretty much a lot of information about me on their servers. But there is a way you can turn it off.

Open a web browser (Chrome or Opera). Type in the address bar. Now you can see all the info about you if you log in with your gmail account.

On the top of the page, there is an option to turn the ad personalization OFF. Click on it. It will open a page like the one below. Click Turn OFF.

Now you are done. But remember that as long as you use the internet, your personal information is at risk. So beware of filling in your bank or ID Number details online. There are many hackers out there who are only interested in stealing your money.

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