How Nigeria Can Solve The Insecurity Challenges Of Herdsmen Killing


The activities of the Fulani Herdsmen has contributed to the negative effects on the social and economic national development in Nigeria. The activities of these groups has caused loss of lives, properties and has also created the sense of fear and insecurity among the Nigerian.

The activities of the Herdsmen is a threat to economic, political and social security of a nation and a major factor associated with underdevelopment. It also discourages both local and foreign investment, reduces the quality of life, destroy human and social capital and also damages the relationship between the citizens and the state. We are going to consider one major solution to the challenges.

1. The government must train Millitary to fight against the Herdsmen attack; The government must assign the duty of fighting against these attacks to well trained and armed millitary. The government must also motivate the armies by money and other economical things.

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