She allegedly died after posting her Matric results: Matric 2021

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Rumours has it that there is a girl who died few hours after posting her Matric Results in Limpopo.

In a rural Area called Tshakhuma, it was alleged that there's a learner who passed away after publishing her matric results on social media, the lady has obtained four distinctions and she couldn't keep it to herself.

People might not believe it but there's a lot of witchcraft that takes place in Limpopo, especially in Venda. People would pass away without being sick, without being involved in a car accident but just out of nowhere a person could collapse and pass away just like that.


It is advisable to keep your results at your own confidential area and stop telling or showing everyone how you performed because not everyone would be happy for you.

Please note: We are still doing the follow ups regarding the story so we can confirm that deceased.

Stay tuned.


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