Five Zambian Opposition Leaders Writes To The Embattled President Lungu, Urges Him To Concede Defeat

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Five Zambian opposition leaders Harry Kalaba, Nevers Mumba, Fred Mmembe, Chishala Kateka, Sean Tembo and Trevor Mwamba wrote to the embattled president Lungu, urging him to concede defeat.

The five opposition leaders in their letter noted that the embattled leader cannot cry foul as made anything possible in his capacity to challenge the outcome of the presidential elections.

“It is true that the just concluded polls were far from being free and fair since president Lungu in his presidency as republican leader made it very hard for the primaries to get to their required standard that meets the test of free and fair polls,” the candidates quoted in a letter addressed to the embattled president.

The Zambian President Edgar Lungu is not willing to accept the outcome of the just concluded Presidential elections after five opposition candidates challenged his allegations on 'unfair' epollss.

President Lungu who is now 64 years, who is coming second against his close competitor Hakainde Hichelema in election results seen by the press, on Saturday delivered unbelievable remarks saying violence against followers of his ruling Patriotic Front (PF) in some parts of Zambia saw the August 12 presidential and parliament polls “not free and fair.”

The last report by the Zambia Electoral Commission indicated that Mr Hichelema, a renowned business mogul, leading with 1,024,212 votes against the Lungu's 565,523 votes.

President Lungu captured power in the year 2015 following the death of the then president Michael Sata.

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