Just in: ECOWAS Executives attacked by alleged armed robbers in Burkina Faso


ECOWAS is one of the prominent Africa organisations we have. It is made up of French-speaking Countries and English speaking countries. As it stands now, information reaching us indicated Executives and Members of ECOWAS has been attacked by alleged Armed men in Burkina Faso.

It was noted that the EXECUTIVE of ECOWAS held an important meeting in Burkina Faso in less than 24 hours now. It was indicated that the meeting did not go well as a gang of armed men trooped into the conference room and attacked the Executives and Members of ECOWAS gathered.

The news was reported live on angel TV by Kwadwo Dickson. According to Kwadwo Dickson, the armed men want the ECOWAS to sign a document which is written in the French language. However, ECOWAS weree forced to sign the document of which they refuse.

The Executives and Members of ECOWAS were attacked for about 9 hours in Pacific Hotel In Burkina Faso.

With these incidence, the manager of the hotel and those on duty called the police officers who came to aid rescued the ECOWAS Executives from the hands of the armed men.

The good news is that, none of the members or executive have been injured or shot. They are all safe and sound.

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