Be Careful If You Have This Brand Of Gas In Your House, EPRA Warn Consumers


The energy regulatory Authority body in Kenya EPRA has spoken. This time cautioning on gas vendors and consumers. This after several brand of gas cylinders were balcklisted not fit to use, as they have not met the minimum standards that the body advocates for. These LPG cylinders have the capability of causing harm to users as they are not certified.

The balcklisted comapnaines are said to be operating in the market without proper trading licences alongside involving in supply of unsealed but filled LPG Cylinders.

Check if you have any of the following gas cylinder in your house. The City Gas, Green Gas, More Gas, Eco Gas, Top Gas, Valley Gas, Moto Gas and Naku. These brands will no longer be in open sale as they are a threat to the people who use them. Accidents from gas cylinders which explode are on the increase prompting the Authority responsible to intervene.

The crackdown is set to bring about sanity in the business which for a long time has been run by cartels. The increase in gas prices is also set to limit some traders in the industry and especially those who do not venture on quality.


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