Opinion: importance of the Internet to High Level Education

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The school is not a place for comfort. That is what my mother would always tell me. Her statement is somehow correct because not every student at school is rich in money. Some students have enough money that would last them for a whole semester while others do not have.

The Higher Institution is an environment for higher learning. You cannot certainly get all the reading materials from one spot. You would need to go around before you clear your doubt. The school library is not always a good place to end your demand. This is because you might not find some of the reading materials that you would be looking for there.

The internet is another world on its own. It is simply a global connection of computers or network of networks. This means that so many computers are connected to a server, which places them on a single track to exchange information swiftly.

A student of Joseph Sarwuan Tarka University, Makurdi (JSTUM) would not need to go to Harvard University in order to get a desired material. He or she could just connect to the university via the internet.

Some university text books get most of their concepts from the internet. The lecturers who prepare the texts are at times exhausted. They would not want to stress themselves, so they go online to pick information for gain. Students can take advantage of this medium by reading most of their course topics online. By so doing, they would even find more coverage to add to what they have been taught.

A lecturer’s explanation of a particular term might want to fry your brain. But you can still gain solace by using the internet. The platform would provide you with other contributions from humans like you. And you would possible find a suitable one for yourself.

Not doubts, the internet is really doing more good than harm to the higher education system. Other subsidiary or lower educational systems still benefit from the influence of the internet. This is to show the power of the internet and how developed it is for the future. 

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