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17. Relationships


19. Growing up

20. Pets

21. Life

22. Force be counted quantity

23. Risk it

24. Everything is fine

25. Teenager

26. Hollywood

Richard Dawkins who took the word “meme" as an strive of expressing the way cultural records spreads internal a cultural surroundings. In his e book “The Selfish Genes" he wanted a name for this idea and he took the word “menes” which is from greek and it manner “that it truly is replicated" but he abbreviated the word in “meme".

There is likewise Mike Godwin who stated in a well-known magazine that the Internet Meme is the meme(the idea that Richard Dawkins has created) deliberately altered by means of the human creativity.

So in distinct phrases the word “meme" is a idea of records that spreads inside the society with the assist of generation and social structures and it's far deliberately altered human creativity .

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