Caring of the umbilical cord after delivery.


Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.Nature has proven to be the most beautiful thing and the baby's umbilical cord is an example of the most beautiful things nature has to offer.When a sperm fertilize with an ovum to form a zygote,The fertilized zygotetravels through the fallopian tube to attach itself with the wall of the endometrium.This process is known as implantation.

The placenta connect the baby with the umbilical cord. This is where a lot of things like nutrition ,excretion,gaseous exchange and storage takes place.After delivery,the cord becomes of no use so its cut off and treated to detach from the baby completely. The umbilical chord can be cared for properly to avoid infection.

After delivery,the cord is cut off from the placenta and a piece is still left behind.The remaining piece is cleaned with a cotton wool and spirit. The cotton is divided into five little folds.The spirit is added to the cotton to clean from the base to the root of the of the remaining cord,repeat the process till the cord is finally neat.

Mothers should repeat this same process when they are sent home. This process is very effective and can aid the cord to detach faster.Mothers should avoid applying concussion to the cord to avoid infection.Thanks for reading.


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