SAPS warns Security companies

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Police have warned security companies to know their place-or face embarrassment or possible arrest. eNCA's reporter Barry Baitman has the story.

You are not the police, that's the warning to private security providers. That's the warning from the South African police. Which says that they could face arrest if they do not adhere to the law.

The notice in a circular in Dicember, followed by another issued by the security regulator this month.

But some In the i dustry are worried that it could curb the ability to support police. The South African police service employs about one hundred and niyty thousand personnel of which forty thousand are general members of the public.

Meanwhile the private sector regulator says that there is about five-hundred and seventy thousand registered security guards.

And co-operation is key to combating crime, but a circular issued in December hints at strange relations. The police want security companies to know their place or face embarrassment or possible arrest.

The private security industry regulatory authority followed up with a circular of their own, Guardia g company say they play key role and are mindful of the law.

Erick Becker Brinant Alarms General manager says that they serve as the first responder and then from there they help the police services to apprehend the suspect.

Barry Bateman filed this report Courtesy of #Dstv403

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