"My Wife Became Lazy After Giving Birth, She Made Me Cheat on Her With Our Mama Fua" Man Confesses

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Victor has emotionally confessed on a live Tv how he cheated on his wife with their househelp. He claims that his wife became lazy immediately after giving birth and this annoyed him.

Victor claims everything changed immediately after his wife gave birth where he claims sometimes he would go home and find his wife lazily sleeping even when she had not prepared food.

He claims that most of the time he was in the kitchen cooking while his wife was sleeping. His wife hired a househelp although Victor was against it. Victor started dating their househelp behind his wife's back.

On that particular day when they were busted in the act with the househelp, they had both left home for work but Victor pretended to have forgotten his keys at home and he went back to the house.

His wife by the name Olivia, decided to go back and check her husband and this is when she busted both of them in the act in their matrimonial bed and she immediately packed her clothes and left.

Victor has begged for forgiveness but Olivia claims she cannot forgive him because the whole incident is still fresh in her mind. She claims she would rather be single than move in with Victor again.


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