Netizens Use Tattoo Patterns To Reveal Lillian Muli's Alleged New Catch (photos)

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The identity of Lillian Muli's new catch has been unravelled by netizens who have been able to figure out the tattoos puzzle in her recent social media posts.

According to, netizens have managed to name put a name on the faceless man who the sassy Lillian Muli has been flaunting on social media lately. The striking resemblance in tattoo patterns seen on the hand of the faceless man in a video posted by Lillian Muli and those of Jimmy Ngechu are too close to be wished off.

Kenyans are surprised by the prospects that Lilian Muli may be hitting it out with Jimmy Ngechu who is Bahati's agemate and a close friend.

Lillian Muli will be joining the ever increasing list of celebrity women who are dating much younger men old enough to be their siblings and/or sons. Whatever motivates such women and vice versa remains to be a mystery up to date.

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