Minicheps, a class eight drop out who brought creative industry to a whole new level


Catherin Chempkemboi The self-taught visual artist takes the creative industry to a whole new level with his tiny minichep photos that caption themselves while performing extraordinary tasks.

The 25-year-old from Nandi County says she knew her idea would flourish one day and that she was constantly working to perfect her craft.

Speaking to Nation Media, Catherine said that after finishing eighth grade, she was unable to continue her education due to financial difficulties.

“After school I went to Embu where I worked as a cleaning lady. I told my parents that I would find my way out. All I had to do was prepare the ground for my little brothers and sisters to study as well. My parents could not afford the school fees. "

Catherine, who wowed May with her creative little visual art photos in which she looks much smaller than any human, says she fell in love with art in 2019 and made her own. brand of minicheps.

"I have been posting my works since 2019 but nobody noticed it, it was not until this year 2021 that my photos went viral," said Catherine.

"I never made any money from my work, but thank God companies started contacting me with the intention of partnering with me to advertise their products."

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