Photos of tropical pitcher plants from western Cambodia


Today in my article iam going to be writing on a specie of flower that is very rare and i know you have never seen. If you have not followed me on opera do well to do now because i do not fail to bring you the juiciest articles and live update on happenings all around you.

Plants as u all know is a living thing that grows in the ground, usually has leaves or flowers, and needs sun and water to survive.

well, you may say you do not care about any flower or you are not a botanist and you might likely want oto leave the knowlege of plants to the botanist, but i want to assure you that this flower or plant spcie is different you would be fasicinated about what you are about to see.

An expedition to find the rare pitcher plant Nepenthes clipeata in a remote  part of Borneo - YouTube

The photo above is the species of Nepenthaceae from the Cardamom Mountains, a remote range in Cambodia which has just recently been open to scientists (since the late 1990's). Before, those mountains were a Khmer rouge stronghold zone filled with landmines and tigers. The landmines are still there but the tigers are far less numerous...

This is the Nepenthes Holdenii plant.... - Masterbate Festival | Facebook

It was discovered by photographer and biologist Jeremy Holden while he was on expedition for Flora Fauna International (FFI) in the early 2000's.

Nepenthes holdenii ~ Everything You Need to Know with Photos | Videos

Nepenthes holdenii is a tropical pitcher plant from western Cambodia, where it grows at elevations of 600–800 m above sea level. The species was originally known from only two peaks in the Cardamom Mountains, but the discovery of a new population was reported in October 2011.

Nepenthes Care Guide - Grow Carnivorous Plants!

although the plant is not all rare but still can only be found in few parts of the world due to collection of seeds in 2014 and the species was successfully introduced into cultivation.

You will find below a selection of pictures 

Nepenthes alata pitchers. A Without and B covered with gauze. Pitchers/...  | Download Scientific DiagramN. truncata (c) – 'Giant' SPECIMEN – RedLeaf ExoticsNepenthes truncata | Tropical Nepenthes Pitcher PlantNepenthes bonsai : BonsaiPlease do not failto drop your comments on this piece, your likes will also be appreciated.