5 Reasons Why Uhuru Should Resign Instead of Ruto


On Monday night, during an interview with the press, President Uhuru Kenyatta advised his deputy, William Ruto, to quit the Jubilee government instead of attacking it from within.

In a direct response to his assistant for the first time, the head of state categorically stated that the DP can't have his cake and eat it adding that it was wrong for one to stone a glass house in which he lives.

The statement, as expected, elicited mixed reactions with those opposed to the DP affirming that it was in deed time for him to step aside and concentrate on his 2022 presidential ambitions.

However, those of a contrary opinion, especially his supporters and allies, asked the DP to sit tight and instead turned the gun against President Kenyatta, who they said should have resigned ages ago.

A look into the Jubilee administration leads me into the direction of the latter. In most of the advanced democracies, the head of state should have already taken responsibility over different failures in his government and left office.

Here are reasons why Uhuru should be the first to resign and not his deputy;

1.Rampant corruption

If there's any government whose one of the legacies will be run-away corruption, then it is the Jubilee government and as the president has once maintained, he is its head.

During the first term between 2013-2017 and going into the 2nd term, different corruption scandals were unearthed, with the Opposition doing a fantastic job in exposing these scams.

From NYS 1 and 2, Arror and Kimwarer dams saga, Eurobonds, Covid-19 scandal just to name a few, the government has been completely unable to nab the vice.

2.Harassment/intimidation of the Judiciary

President Kenyatta has overseen the deterioration of the relationship between the Judiciary and the Executive which has made service delivery to the taxpayers extremely inefficient.

From directly attacking judges, to slashing the judiciary's budget and frustrating access to funds, this should have been enough reason to get the head of state to step down.

3.Running down the economy

The Jubilee administration has overseen a run-down of the economy which was performing quite well when the current regime took over in 2013.

Rampant misuse of government funds, bad economic policies, expensive loans and poor investment of public funds has seen the economy suffer which has hit Kenyans hard.

4.Ignorance of court orders

In any country, courts are important institutions which are respected are mandated to interprate and apply the laws. Any decision given by judges should strictly be followed something which President Kenyatta has blatantly disobeyed.

5.BBI failure

After spending billions of money which would have been channeled into other activities, the courts have ruled that the Building Bridges Initiative was null and void having been promoted by the president which is against the law.

The initiative has consumed the entire second term of the Jubilee government, time and energy which would also have been used to improve Kenyans' livelihoods.

As President Uhuru Kenyatta urges his deputy to resign if he isn't happy in his government, maybe he should also look at the log in his own eyes, which should have necessited his stepping down months or years ago.

MeghanNimmoh kenya_public@operanewshub.com

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