Indians and their believes: See the cow that is been honoured as a god because of its uniqueness

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Indians believes in idols, Lord Shiva (the king of Snakes), they are one people but each with their own believes of which they got some from ancestors and some of which they formulated.

A cow was seen in India and seemingly, the cow has unique characteristics. I won't talk much on that so see for yourself.

The cow is unique in a way that it has something in its bump. It looks like a human with no head and in India, an ancestry god has a fight with another god and cut off its head. Die to that, they believe that god is back.

So, they been worshipping and honouring the cow as a god and given it the name "Mother Cow". They believe that god has come like a cow but now like a dog or any other animal meaning it has interest in cows.

See how some Indians on Facebook honouried it;

What are your thoughts and say in this?  

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