4 Types of Ladies Men Date on Their Way to "The One"


In a man's dating life, there are different types of girls he interact with in the name of dating before reaching to ‘the one’. This strengthens a man and makes his mind know the exact type for him. Samantha Rodman who is a psychologist has classified every to her category. Here are the various categories.

•Party animal

This is a type of lady who is aware of the best clubs and loves to attend to most parties if not all. For man who wish to love her, he must be able to be comfortable to hang out with many friends that the girl knows and interacts with. This is a lady who knows the ‘actions of service’ well hence it will be difficult to be bored when next to her.

•Daddy’s girl

With this type of a girl, all the help come from her father. She don’t want to let any girl take attention of her man hence she try as much as possible not to borrow money from her man very now and then. You will come to notice that she spends more time with her father than her friends which make end up making her man feel bad about the relationship.

•Good student

This is a girl who spends most of her time reading. You can have good time with her only if she is free from her studies and you will most likely talk academic talks. There will be less time to talk about other funny events that are not making her improve academically as her mind is focused on studies. Such a relationship to her is not a bother since breakup won’t hurt her so much as her mind is up to something which academic excellence.

•Miss jealous

In most relationships there is jealous on either side but mostly seen on the girl’s side. This kind of girl will always want her man to be with her only and not interact with any other girl whatsoever. She will always feel jealous when her man hangs out with his female friends with a mind that may be the man has found someone else. This makes it difficult for the man to assure the girl that he just like the dressing of another girl and has nothing to do with the other girls.

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