Here Are The Pictures From The Shooting Of The Popular Movie Apocalypto You Need to See (Photos)


Apocalypto is a film that shows how far technology has gone in the movie industry, even though it is an epic film, it is a masterclass film in terms of color, effect, acting, makeup making and more.

The making of this film is very revealing. For example, the scene where corpses were thrown from the very tall building after their hearts were taken away for sacrifices, watch it here, it's just a camera effect and there's a lot more to it.

The scene where Jaguar's Paw killed the guy who called him 'almost', where he slipped down, see Mel Gibson play it for him, it's just a joy to see how it went backstage. The point where they were taken for sacrifices, see what it looks like, but it's so beautiful.

if there's one reason you won't get tired of the movie, it's because of its quality. The movie is one of the most realistic movies I have watched in my life, detailed to the bottom.

Anything worth doing is worth doing, to be the best we have a long way to go in our film industry and we will get there.

It takes a lot of work to make all of these things that seem so simple to be as realistic as they are. See here too when Jaguar's Paw was talking to them at the top of the waterfall, it's a joy to see how it turned out.

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