Kalonzo Musyoka forced to Cut Short His Speech After Fight Erupts During Rally - Video

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Today, Raila Odinga and his Azimio team were went back to North Eastern kenya where they were to address several rallies.

According to earlier reports, Raila had been allowed to conduct a rally inside the famous Daadab police camp citing the worrying state of insecurity in the region.

Well, for the past few days, several people have been left injured after chaotic scenes were witnessed during Raila's rallies.

During these buzzing fights all leaders allied to the Azimio wing fought during rallies with Raila's Bodyguards forced to protect him.

In a new clip shared on social media, Kalonzo Musyoka who had accompanied Raila Odinga to the said meetings was manhandled and forced to cut short his speech.

It has emerged that some irate youths have even pelleted stones during the scary melee.

Lately, the number of worrying political fights ij the region have increased to a worrying trend with questions raised as to what could in the area.

Leaders have been urged to preach peace ahead of the 9th August polls.

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