Reduction in service year: another fight against the poor.


Npower programme has been shortened to one year one year for graduate category and six months for non graduate category. No detail has been released to the public if the scheme will pay the beneficiaries' stipends in double. Perhaps, this will, at least, help the beneficiaries. After all, this was my suggestion in my earlier article on the news of Npower disengagement that stipends be doubled and the service year along the line be shortened. Government of president Muhammad Buhari government doesn't seem ready to provide employment for the teaming unemployed youths. They have, earlier on rejected the proposed Nigerian Peace Corp, refused to approve vigilante group, and could not permanent Npower beneficiaries which was their initiative. And now the reduction in service year for the beneficiaries of the programme. With all these, it is obvious that the present government now regret the day they established this scheme as they now believe it is eating them deep.

If the federal government intention is to reduce the service year and pay #30000 monthly, they will have no excuse to justify this. No government official gets #30,000 as monthly salary. Could they be thinking that the #30,000 monthly stipends for two years period is too much for the youths? Nigeria government officials are being in millions. Yet, they continue to vie for political offices even after 8 years in office. Why have they not suddenly changed the tenure in office for the politicians? Better still, why can't they cut down their own salaries and unnecessary allowances for equitable distribution of the country's resources? 

Reduction in Npower service year could just be a direct fight against the youth and should be frowned at. A time for Nigerian youths to rise. Say no to this. Nigerian youth voice must be heard. We are the strength of this country. From a supporter of this government to critic, I only support fairness. 


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