I Have Already Seen The Trick: Captain Smart Declares As He Exposes The Ghana Police Service.


Captain Smart has proven that he is an intelligent journalist. Today, he made an appearance oh his show and fearlessly exposed the Ghana Police Service. He revealed that the Ghana Police Service led by the Inspector General of Police, James Oppong Boanuh, had schemed everything out before agreeing with the organizers of the upcoming demonstration dubbed "March For Justice" on providing them with the security. He declared that he has already seen the tricks of the Ghana Police Service and as such, he shared it with his viewers.

According to Captain Smart, the Ghana Police Service accepted to agree on allowing the youth of the NDC to do their demonstration with the motive of using that as an excuse to prevent the Fix The Country demonstration from happening. He alleged that the Ghana Police Service will recruit some people who will act as teh normal demonstrators and mark register of some of the key personalities and organizers of the Fix The Country Demonstration. They plan on doing this so that whenever Ghanaians call for the Fix The Country Demo, they will say that they have already done their demo already.

"I know the reason why the Police allowed the NDC do their demonstration. I have already seen the trick. Ghana Police Service must stop this childish game. They want the NDC to do their demonstration so that later when the convenors of the #fixthecountry demo come, they will tell them that the NDC has already done that demonstration. So it is enough. Mark my word, they will recruit some people and select some officials to disguise themselves as demonstrators. Those selected people will be around to mark register of the key personalities behind the #fixthecountry campaign.", Captain Smart.

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