You Can't Eat Your Cake And Have It: Vim Lady Boldly Tells Fixthecountry Campaigners


The host of Critical Issues on United Television, Afia Pokua who is also known as Vim Lady has boldly told organisers of the fixthecountry campaign that they cannot eat their cake and still have it. 

According to her, authorities spend a lot of the resources in the country in providing freebies and a little will be left to fix the country. 

She says, developed countries like Singapore, Rwanda, and many others do not enjoy the freedom Ghanaians are enjoying. 

According to Vim Lady, there are a lot of freebies in the country and it will be difficult to get enough money to fix the current challenges. 

“All past leaders have been trying to fix Ghana and it’s still being fixed. We cannot eat our cake and still have it, so if we want to be like Singapore and the other developed countries, then we must be ready to give up on some of the freedoms we are enjoying today”. She added.

According to Vim Lady, the issue of fixing the country is no news to anyone and authorities are even aware that Ghana has problems. 

She indicated that Ghana’s problems started a long time ago and efforts by various authorities in fixing it has not yielded any positive result. 

She adds that the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo even promised to fix the country during his campaign. 

According to Vim Lady, even though she is in full support of the fixthecountry campaign, the timing is wrong. 

“Authorities already know that fixing the country is an issue. Even those who disagree with the campaign know that fixing the country is a challenge and demands solution. 

Even the president in his campaign promised to fix the country. That was the paraphrase of his campaign, so fixing the country is not in question. It is never a matter in doubt. If you should ask me, I will tell you I support the campaign but the timing is wrong”. Vim Lady indicated.