"Heartbreak Huniweza Siku Mbili Ya Tatu Narudi Soko" Amberay Hints She Is Ready To Date Again


Kenyan socialite Amberay has hinted she is ready to date again after her break-up with Nairobi Matatau Association Chairman Jamal Ibrahim. The mother of one made this claims on an Instagram post where she claimed that three days are enough for her to overcome a break up and hit the market again.

"Heartbreak huniweza siku mbili ya tatu Narudi soko.. We ain't giving up na love..wacha ituue tu." Amberay

The Kamba socialite has made headlines for the past few months due to her contreversial relationship with Jamal. She was reportedly married as the second wife, a marriage that saw Jamal's first wife dragged to the mud.

Amber and Jamal's first wife Amira have been involved in public exchange of words both physically and online. Their most recent fight saw Amber relocate from Syokimau to Kilimani.

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