Kericho Man Castrated after being Busted in Bed with Someone’s Wife


Photo/ courtesy.

A yet-to-be-identified man is currently fighting for his dear life in hospital nursing injuries in his priv@te parts after he had his ‘tools of destruction’ castrated by an irate mob, having been accosted pants down with someone else’s wife in Kericho.

Sources has it that the two lovebirds were busted while watching obscene videos while in the matrimonial bed of the woman, when the husband suddenly came back.

“Wife was forced to run with supersonic speed and vanished into thin air to avoid some hot slaps,” The Kenya Police posted in part.

The wife’s ‘mpango wa kando’ was left at the mercies of an enraged husband who called on his neighbors and together, they roughed up the man.

Another source has it that by the time he was rescued by police acting on tip-off, the man had suffered serious injuries on his body, together with his messed up nether parts.

The cheating wife’s whereabouts is still unknown. 

If the story is true, and the hospitalized man recovers from his injuries, this could be the last time he will be messing with other people’s property.