Opinion| Kaizer Chiefs must let go of these 10 players at the end of the season, See number 10

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Kaizer Chiefs has been struggling to win at least two consecutive matches and that shows how bad the situation is at Amakhosi. Most of the time the coach and management indeed are to blame for poor results but many of the glamour boys' players are not performing at a high level and they deserve to be sold.

Kaizer Chiefs must let go of these 10 players at the end of the season.

1 Daniel Akpeyi

He played his part but he won’t help the team in any way now because he even concedes simple goals. He would do better on a smaller team because Amakhosi must start using young blood to try and go back to winning ways and prepare for the future.

2 Siphosakhe Ntiya-Ntiya

Should have been sold a long time ago but he’s still at the club and they must sell him to acquire new and better players.

3 Eric Mathoho

He will never be forgotten by the fans for the memories he has created for us and the good football he used to play but he is done and he’s become too slow. He is now easy to beat and he must be moved on.

4 Daniel Cardoso

If you want to concede a goal from a defender’s mistake then field Cardoso, he makes a mistake in almost every match and that is very disappointing.

5 Cole Alexander

To be honest he was not even supposed to be signed by Amakhosi and he doesn’t even offer much in the field of play. He must be sold at the end of the season.

6 Lebogang Manyama

Before his injury he was average and after he returned from injury he’s just been whack, no confidence, no drive, poor passing, and disappointing performances so he must be sold.

7 Lazarous Kambole

He is proof that Kaizer Chiefs doesn’t know how to spot talent.

8 Akumu Agay

I think everyone agrees that he must be sold because he doesn’t do anything for the team. He is just an unnecessary signing.

9 Leonardo Castro

He's finished, don’t let his assist for Billiat’s goal make you think otherwise. He can’t even take on defenders or score goals anymore, so he must be sold.

10 Dumisani Zuma

No matter how good a player is, if he’s not disciplined then he must be sold. The fans love him but then it seems like he doesn’t love himself and his career. He deserves to be sold.

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