Gabriel Magalhaes Admits Arsenal Lost A Potential Tickets After Newcastle's Blow

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Arsenal center-back Gabriel Magalhaes has admitted that a lose to Newcastle has denied them an opportunity to participate in UEFA champions league.

"We missed a potential to chance to participating in UEFA champions league. It was our only chance to go back to top four however things did not work as expected after the lose to Newcastle. The last match will determine our fate to participate in the UEFA champions league." Tweeted Gabriel Magalhaes.

The Gunners are currently in fiftth position with 66 points. Arsenal are behind Tottenham Hotspur by two points. Arsenal need to beat Everton in their last match so as to go on top of Tottenham Hotspur. The Gunners are also praying that a miracle occurs so that Norwich City be able to stop beat Tottenham Hotspur.

Arsenal stand a minimal chance to qualify for the UEFA champions league. A 2-0 defeat to Newcastle United thwarted their dreams. However, the players should not give up, they still have one match which they can use to turn the table.

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