Kenya Power Releases Another Major Power Interruption In These Regions From Tomorrow


The Kenya Power and Lighting Company, KPLC is a state corporation mandated to make power connections and supply electricity to comapanies and people.

The Company is currently enjoying the monopoly of electricity supply in the country hence its services are deteriorating. There are numerous complains from customer for poor services provided by the Company.

High costs of installation and charges on electricity consumer units are a nightmare. The Company recorded losses in the previous financial year regardless of the hiked costs of electricity.

Now some people are opting for solar energy compared to electricity. Another menace is the carelessness and negligence portrayed by the Company workers in terms of power connections. This behaviour is causing electrocutions claiming multiple lives. Naked live wires left on the earth surface or in rivers and faulty connections among others have left many dead.

Frequent blackouts and interruptions are now common with Kenya Power. Every time there are interruptions maybe for rectifications purposes, replacing faulty equipment among others.

Company has today scheduled a power interruption tomorrow Thursday May 20, 2021. See the details below if your region is affected and prepare accordingly.

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