Modesto is Not My Son, Kartelo says in an Interview


In an exclusive interview with Inooro radio presenter Jeff Kuria, Nickson Chege popularly known as Kartelo said despite the fact that Modesto is his lool-alike, they are not related and also joked he is not Modesto's father. Moreover, he said his father Wilson Migwi disappeared in 2006 and since then he has never seen him. He also said his mother is a nursery school teacher and one of his brothers is a teacher.

During the interview, Kartelo clarified his relationship with Chipukeezy after they unfollowed each other. He said it was a decision he made to deal with his personal life. He also urged the youth to avoid being used by other people in committing crimes and focus on building their lives with the little they have. Kartelo said he has a daughter who is one year and four-month years old.

Kartelo is a reggae fan and he likes Bob Marley's songs. He is also against the legalization of Marijuana in Kenya.


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