Diamond Platinumz Set to Reveal New Bae Today

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Tanzanian Star Diamond Platinumz has revealed he is likely to reveal his new girlfriend today.

The Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) boss is considered as 'Father Abraham' because of siring a lot of kids in East Africa; Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda.

Diamond has been single for a while now with news coming up that he is seeing someone new and is serious about it.

His mother, Mama Dangote was stunned by the love his son was getting and hinted he will marry her. Diamond Platinumz himself posted saying he has found 'the one'.

Well, this is not news to his fans as the same words have been used before with Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan and Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna.

Taking to Instagram, Diamond Platinumz said he is ready to show his bae to the world.

"Panapo majaaliwa leo namtambulisha nimpendae, niliezama kwenye huba na kuridhika nae" which loosely translates to 'God willing I will introduce the one I love, the one I have fallen in love with and is content with," he shared.

Fans are now glued to their social media as they await for the big news.

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