Meet The Short Disabled Lady Mudavadi Is Using To Convince People To Attend Bomas Of Kenya NDC

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Politics is currently at peak in Kenya as fresh details emerge on daily basis. This happens as politicians trying everything possible to attract more supporters ahead of 2022 elections. Mudavadi is among the those who are now embarking on a serious mission to save what they have lost in the little time left.

Mudavadi is expected to be hosting a National Delegates Conference at Bomas of Kenya where he will declare his next political move. He is currently trying everything to invite many people to the function. This includes using a certain disabled lady who went viral advising people to go to Bomas of Kenya.

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According to the video, Mudavadi is using the short disabled lady to touch the hearts of many people and encourage them to support Alliance National Congress party. Meanwhile, the disabled lady has promised that the function will be a ground breaking one, just like Mudavadi had said in advance.

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