Couple Goals; 10 Things You Need To Do To Build Your Relationship and Be a Happy Thriving Couple


In today's article, i want to share some tips with you on how to be more connected to your partner and be couple goals.

1. Remember the beginning times.

Often times, we tend to feel out of love especially when having a fight in a relationship or any sort of arguments. In such cases, remind yourself why you fell in love with your partner and what got you attracted to them.

2. Be straight forward and resolve those battles.

Avoid any form of silent treatment with your partner because this will slowly kill your relationship if you allow it.

3. Laugh more together

Talk more and laugh more especially if you share same sense of humour with your partner. Enjoy those moments.

4. Never get tired of expressing your love

Go out on dates, vacations and make enough time for closeness. Often say words like 'i love you' and don't shy from expressing yourself romantically.

5. Don't be nagging

Allow each other to have some personal time to do what they enjoy.

6. Listen

Don't just chit chat but have deep talks and conversations to understand your partner's thoughts more and express yourself.

7. Admit when wrong

Admit that you won't see eye to eye on everything, make sacrifices and apologize.

8. Support each other

You will grow as a couple if you support each other. Nothing feels good like achieving your dreams and goals together as a couple.

9. Be clear about your desires

Let your partner be aware of how you like being treated, your love language and your dislikes too.

10. Accept flaws

Understand that no relationship is perfect and don't compare your partner with someone else because as the saying goes, ' better the devil you know than the angel you don't'.

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