Nobody Can Ban Abronye From Entering Kumasi. Stop Your Culture of Silence.


On Kessben tv, a group of youths identified as the Tafo Youth Association has organized a press conference against Bono Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party- Kwame Baffoe Abronye. The group has instructed him to apologize to Tafohene or risk getting banned from entering Kumasi.

His crime is, he alleged on Net2 tv that Tafohene is against the NPP because he begged for some 2billion from the young MP- Vincent and because the young MP didn’t give out the money, he has decided to hate him and the entire party.

This angered the youth and told him to apologize or risk not entering Kumasi again. The question is, can someone ban other citizens from entering another region or town? The constitution is explicitly clear on this matter. There is freedom of speech and movement.

If someone feels offended by another person’s comment, they can seek redress from the appropriate authorities and not take matters into their own hands and order around. This and many other cases are reasons why Sam Jonah said the culture of silence is back.

In Kumasi, the youth always use Manhyia to meddle in politics of convenience. When they feel an infinitesimal link between one person and the Palace, they begin to issue threats with Manhyia Palace. That outfit is not meant for that. The youths should stop reducing the great Palace’s image into petty threats and spats.

The Tafo Youth Association said that Tafohene is above 2billoin. But I find that difficult to even believe. In Ghana, chiefs engage in all sorts of transactions with monies less than GHS50,000 and 1billion. Everybody has a price. So if the chief feels offended, perhaps, he can summon Abronye to court and settle everything amicably.

Stop using Manhyia for petty party politics!