Ex Biafra Soldiers Have Roles To Play In Restoring Normalcy In The South

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The recently pardoned Biafra soldiers have important roles to play in restoring peace, stability and unity in the southeastern region of the country. They know and have experienced the consequences, effects and dangers of civil unrest much more than the younger generation. Not every soldier who fought against the interest of the country is rewarded with presidential pardon and gratuities. The forgiven soldiers must actively engage themselves to support government initiatives that will restore normalcy in the entire region.

There are multiple reports of violence and destruction of public properties in the southeast. For instance, the recent attack on a police station in Ebonyi state further clarifies how imminent the security threats have become. These attacks are being carried out by the alleged unknown gunmen who violently agitate for secession. What they failed to understand is that violence only begets more violence. This is the right time for the pardoned Biafra soldiers to step in and call their people to order.

Collaboration with security forces to organise enlightenment programs for potential violent agitators who may easily be brainwashed into thinking that they are fighting for a holy cause. The federal government has taken the bold step by forgiving the soldiers and reinstating their gratuities. This commendable gesture is enough reason to abandon the violent agitations in the southeastern region of the country. Those who witnessed the civil war prayed that it should never occur again.

The continuous destruction of public properties, infrastructural facilities and security outposts will no doubt affect the general stability of the region. Funds that will otherwise be directed for transforming the region to a greater level will be spent on rebuilding the destroyed public facilities.

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Nigeria's unity is non-negotiable. The six geopolitical zones of the country can be said to be interdependent on one another. The northern region is blessed with fertile arable land that supports agricultural production while the south has crude oil which generates huge revenue for the country.

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