Why Imo State Needs Good Roads With Proper Drainages

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The condition of Imo state roads has deteriorated so badly in the past few years that it has become worse during this year rainy seasons. If nothing is done to put things in order, residents of this state will continue to encounter road related issues.


You will believe me that some roads and bridges that were constructed under the then governor, Sam Mbakwe, are still in good condition compared to the ones built recently.


This issue of bad roads is affecting both urban and rural areas. Take a good look at Owerri, which is the state capital.


Below are a few reasons why IMO State needs a good road network.


1. It is an oil producing state: What will be the fate of the non-oil producing states when an oil producing state in Nigeria can't boast of good roads with proper drainage for erosion?


2. Imo is a popular state with many resort centers that attract visitors both inside and outside.


3. To make life easier: Having good roads will enable people to interact with their businesses in other towns easily.

Photo credit: Ideato North, Imo State.


4. Good access roads can attract industries: No business wants to set up shop in an area with poor transportation.


5. To boast about the state's economy: Good roads enable investors to come into a state, which in turn allows them to boast about their economy.


The merits of a good road network aren't limited to those mentioned above. Have you been to Imo state recently? Share your experience as it pertains to their roads.

Roads are one of those social amenities that no government can joke with. I believe this content will motivate the state government to step up its game in making life more comfortable for everyone.


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