Avoid Excuses That Will Get You Distracted

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And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God. " (Luke 9: 62)

Most people are often distracted from their life goals today due to the mundane things of this world. It's so unfortunate as the church seems to be breeding talent for the world. As godly people, we must know who we are in Christ Jesus so as to avoid distractions from different angles of life. Our identity in Christ will distinguish us out and make us different. Devil is applying strategic means to lure many to his kingdom, that's why we need to be guided. From our text, many wanted to follow Jesus but same people were given different kind of excuses which was a distraction for them. Some were like, let us go bury our dead, others to bid farewell to family, etc. In our contemporary world today, we hear excuses like; I don't have time, God should wait please etc all these are distractions the devil has used to cover our eyes. We are busy chasing our own dreams and visions neglecting God's work and no wonder He is saying today no man who takes a plough and looks back is fit for the master work. You can't be for Christ and look back because you will get distracted from your work. If you desire to succeed then you must avoid silly excuses.

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