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Birthdays means you celebrate your new year in your life. Every day is a new day, but celebrating your birth day is celebrating your life in general and being alive with people you love around you singing, laughing and eating the cake

Batsogile Lovederia Malope is one of the most prominent South African Gospel Artist who haa been causing gigantic ripple in the news source for a significant length of time as of now and she doing absolutely excellent. She is notable for her celestial voice and her music heals millions of people in the world. She is a veteran in the field and amongst the most popular entertainer in South Africa. She is notable for making her significant job in the long running singing capabilities and her splendid ability is one that ought to be copied and for sure a motivation to forthcoming youngsters in mzanzi.

Everyone has a different thinking and approach to everything even if its birthday. For me birthday is a time to celebrate and cherish the memories you have made in the last year and aim to create memories.

I know most people will say it is just nothing a waste of another year but why there is need to think negative. You know what it is our thinking that can make us or break us. So, always prefer to see the positive sides of everything. Birthday is means for celebration, the celebration for a succesful passing year, the joy of another year where you learnt a lot. Every experience in our life teaches us a lot and we should cherish every learning that we get in our life. So, if your birthday is approaching then celebrate it with a bang.

She consistently feel comfortable in her fashionable outfits since it what makes her to stand out from the crowd. She is multi-award winning artist who has dubbed the name of The Queen of Gospel as she has a heart for ministry and the goldenvoice of an angel. Her songs brings glory back to christ and she has a heartwarming voice that can push you in the hump of your best mood.

She is professionally adressed as Dr Rebecca Malope, one of the energetic woman with certainty and uniqueness. We also acknowledged her as a Co-host of Television Show It's Gospel Time which displayed on Sabc2. She is excellent God fearing and amazing woman who won innumerable enthusiasts through the singing capabilities. She has been serving God with all her heart and she is known for her stunning laugh. She is fun loving individual who is dedicated and considerable woman who isn't reluctant to pursue her cravings.

She currently woke mzanzi to sing for her as she is celebrating her birthday in style today. She was brought into the world on the thirtieth of June 1968, Lekazi near Nelspruit in Mpumalanga. This makes her fifty-four years old of grace. Happy birthday messages pours in to her on her timeline and let's also wish the Queen of Gospel a happy birthday.

She is a great influence and inspiration to young people who are accessible to pursue their cravings and be successful. Please comment below, like the article and don't forget to hit the offer button.

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