Overcoming your weight without Exercising or Medication: a lifestyle practice to burn the fat faster


I have realized how people have become conscious about their personal image and health concerns lately. With the impressive responses on my previous articles titled "How to lose belly fat naturally within 4 weeks", "How Poison made her to lose weight within Four weeks" among others, I noticed weight management and control had become a very key challenge among us considering its associated ailments it grew with it.

On Thursday, 25th June, 2020, I had gone to a Vegetarian food court to get a few things for myself and Dad who had adopted this lifestyle since he was directed by his Medical specialist to change his meal culture. This was a huge blow on him initially as his cravings for meat products and concentrated juices was a do without lifestyle. He was torn between life or death and in such an instance, he had to overcome one thing, "a suicidal death" as it would be his own making should he opt to obey his cravings or bad lifestyle. In my observations of life, I have regarded person's who died by failing to seek medical care when sick and those who die from their inability to overcome a fear as "suicidal corruptible individuals". Per this, I can confidently state that, suicide is defined in a closed context.

While waiting for my, I smelt a friend walked towards the direction of the veggie food court. The first strike of thought that came to mind was, "how did he recognize or saw me?". I had lost a lot of weight and friends I knew very well, sometimes passed by me without noticing me. The how I did it factor at a certain stage is what I would outline in a few minutes. It's nothing scary as it was just a simple lifestyle change.

On his entry into the food court, I watched him closely but I think I was not his main focus as he greeted me and walked to the vendor. I looked at him tensely as he ordered his take out meal and after he was through, I approached him with a smile and our usual "hi". His amazed joyful jubilation related to my weight loss was of an interesting effect. He said, I did not notice you "bro" until you spoke. How did you do it, he exclaimed. I told him about the "do's" and the "don'ts" and he was quick to tell me how he had become hypertensive. I was shocked considering his young age. He added that, for lack of enough sleep, late eating, large consumption of meat and dairy products and alcohol consumption were the root causes. He told me he had become obese and his new self I was admiring now, was a miraculous transformation.

I therefore shared a little secret with him with regards how I overcame my weight. I said no to alcoholic beverages, meat and dairy products, smoke, late eating, late sleep, concentrated juices, large intake of salt and made away with sugar. I resorted to following a simple meal plan by sticking to it strictly which unequivocally had a huge impact on my health within two weeks.

I followed a time table of a meal plan.

Monday: Pear, Tuna Salad, Spinach Salad

Tuesday: Shrimp ramen, Dry fruits, Avocado toast

Wednesday: Pumpkin Porridge, Steamed Salmon, Garden Salad

Thursday: Oat meal, Salmon Soup, bullefproof coffee

Friday: Natural Coffee, Steamed Pork, Avocado smoothie

Saturday: Fresh Apple, Tuna Soup, Garden eggs stew with boiled egg

Sunday: Fresh Watermelon, Grilled chicken with salad, Mushroom soup

In exposing him to these simple tips, I could see his concentration developing immensely as he kept asking me questions related to health. I reminded him of my profession and we laughed it off. He had earlier told me he was not taking any medication with regards his hypertensive condition and I advised him to include these aforementioned tips in his new lifestyle. I asked him to get an apple cider vinegar at home and take portions with warm water on an empty stomach each morning before he took a meal. Exercising and weight management medication was not an option considering his lazy self and other undisclosed side effects of some of these weight loss medications.

I gave him some brief tips on the "do's and "don'ts" regarding weight loss:

To drink eight to ten glasses of water each day

To eat foods that are high in complex carbohydrates and fibre and in smaller quantities

To ensure he is getting enough protein and fats and oils

To stick to diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol

To forgo fast foods and lower his salt intake

To have enough sleep and lower stress and unnecessary pressure

In my weight loss journey, I have realized peace of mind is supreme and an invaluable Asset. I have gladly asked him to send me a photo of how he looked after two weeks and I would share in that testimony with readers upon receipt of it as he has gladly asked me to be his diet/health coach.

By: Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah

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