Mosquitoes Can't Bite You with these 5 Simple Tricks

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5 Methods to Subdue Mosquitoes and Reduce their Bites

These methods I am going to show you will enable you subdue mosquitoes and get rid of their bites.

We know that mosquitoes breed in swampy areas and are most active in areas with stagnant water. As we are now in the rainy season, mosquitoes are more likely to be much more than the dry season as the rainy season favours their breeding.

Mosquito bite is a threat to human health, so you need these methods to subdue them and eliminate their bites!

1. Wearing Light and Bright Clothing

Mosquitoes strike at periods between dusk and dawn ( early evening and early morning). They look for colours appealing and attractive to them and match their horizon (black or grey). If you wear like clothing, you will be less attractive, appetizing and supsistible to their attack.

2. Powering Your Fan

Powering your fan at night will help prevent mosquito bites by blowing them away since they are too weak to withstand the amount of air the fan generates.

3. Use of Garlic

Eating of Garlic is likely to cause your pores to excrete a small amount of it, therefore, you will smell less like humans and not appealing or tempting for the mosquito to come at.

4. Use of Lavender

Insects dislike Lavender smell as a result they distance themselves from the plant. Planting of Lavender close to your house can help wade them Off. It can also be applied to the skin together with Special ointment before going to bed as the smell also relaxes people.

5. Use of Cloves

Apart from Lavender, mosquitoes also dislike the smell of Cloves. Fill a bowl with water and add some amount of Cloves to it and place it on your table. It will generate a smell that will help scare mosquitoes away.

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