Beautiful Lady shares photos of Shatta Bandle saying "I Have Finally Found The One For Me"

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Love is blind everyone can fall in love anywhere and anytime, but the best thing is to fall for who understands you and makes you happy. A young beautiful lady popularly know as Cici took to her Instagram page yesterday saying that she has finally found the right man for her self.

Cici in her page @officiaCici shared a video showing her true love which I will be sharing the link of the video later. Surprisingly, her true love which she shared with us in the video was a popularly known Ghanaian dwarf named Shatta bandle.

From the video she shared captioned "I have finally found the one for me" you will notice that she was crushing and shy as well showing that she loves him. The video attracted lots of reaction which I will be showing you some screenshot. Please do well so share your thought on what you think of their love.

Here are some of the reactions from people after watching the video.

And here is the link to the video I talked about earlier. Click the link below or visit her official page @OfficiaCici.

Share your thought on what you think of their love.

New source : Instagram.

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