Teen Was Told to Stay Away From Boys, Now She Has a Baby

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There's a saying that most people like to Speak highly of, "Mothers know best," this statement is factual and speaks about the high level of experience that parents have and they share their experiences with the children as they have vast knowledge about the circumstances of life way much more than the kids know. In many cases mothers do have a heart to heart moment with their children, especially with their daughters as they impart knowledge with them and prepare them for their future, and when such events happen it's up to the children to receive or decline the information they're given.

One element of discussion that is held between Mothers and daughters is matters relating to pregnancy and relationships, and on a casa of a 17 year old Matric pupil from Khayelitsha in Cape town, she openly shared her story with one of well known media publication in Mzansi as she regrets the day she didn't listen to her mother after she was told to stay away from boys. Perhaps the 17 year old believed that her Mom was just being an adult and probably overacting about her lectures about boys.

The 17 year old went on to be in a relationship and what her 45 year old Mom told her and warned about eventually happened to her, she fell pregnant and now she has to take care of the baby while she has to focus on her studies at the same time. This is too much for her because she is destructed in her studies and the situation she is in might even cause her to fail her matric because when she tries to study her baby will begin to cry, and then she has to stop what she's doing and entertain the baby.

The mother of the 17 year old allegedly refuses to take care of the baby on full time basis because she warned the daughter about Relationships but she chose not to listen to her. The 45 year old women stands her ground and she sticks by her decision that if jer daughter does not learn from this event she will eventually fall pregnant again and bring another Baby to their house.

(Source: Daily Sun)

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