"My Wife Has Been Trying To Chase Me From Our House, I'm Thinking Of Ending My Life." Man Confesses.

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In many cultures, it is the man's job to provide for and care for his family. When a guy neglects his wife and children, he is frequently treated with contempt in some communities. After losing their jobs, several men end up divorcing their wives.

A man who did not wish to be identified told Tuko.co.ke how difficult his life has gotten since he lost his job. According to the man, he and his wife have been married for nine years and have one child together. Everything was regular in the household until he lost his job last year. His wife has lost all respect for him and has been attempting to evict him from their home because he no longer provides as well as he once did.

Worst of all, he doesn't have anywhere to go. His mental health is deteriorating, and he has been unable to sleep for four days. The man is contemplating suicide at the moment.

This was confirmed by Tuko.co.ke on their Twitter handle.

"I've been married for 9 years and have one child; everything was well until I lost my job last year. My wife has always tried to evict me from the house since I don't provide as much as I used to.

The worst aspect is that I have no place to go, and I mean no place. My mental health has taken a hit. I haven't slept for the fourth day in a row. I'm considering taking my own life. I've lost my sense of purpose, I'm broke, and I honestly don't know where I'm going."

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