Why The Catholic Church Is Ahead Of Many Other Churches Universally


Early before, and even now,the Catholic church stands to be the only one that does services in a unique manner. Just like many other religions like the Muslim community, I think the Roman Catholic church represents well in the Christian community. Am not trying to diminish other churches but am simply trying to show facts. Here are some of the reasons why we are leading:

First,in the Catholic church, you can't just start preaching. We have an automatic diary that runs out universally in the whole world. That is why the word Catholic means universal. Even you go elsewhere in the world,then you will discover the readings are just the same. Look at how other churches do. They just start services at any point of view. But in Catholic, you have to follow the correct protocols.

Secondly, our church is the only one with very many support aid platforms. Look at our able missionary schools,children's homes among others. In fact you will just discover that almost all of them are under the Catholic church sponsorship. Just but a few, most schools in Kenya are under the Catholic church association. I really Approbate with this because it is one of the oldest churches.

Finally, in the Catholic church, if you want to be a leader,then you have to undergo training for eleven good years. You cannot just be a priest like that.. You have to be ordained and be accepted in the church. Otherwise, you will appear desperate and viewed as the most unhappy client to serve members in the society.

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