'We Don't Need Motivational Speaker Chunga Watoto wako' Netizens Reacts To Proffesor Hammo


The top chrchil comedian is under fire after it was reported to be negelicting his kids. Hammo is said to have two kids of which he abandoned providing their child support. His reputation has been under graded after the accusations from the mother.photo|courtesy

Hammo the hot 96 radio presenter has faced a tough time with his fans against him on facebook. They have come out and urge him to start supporting his kids. The fans are against this action of Proffesor Hammo.

Carol Bernard had and advice for hammo, if you want to see your downfall faster than a blink of an eye, neglect your kids. This advice was also direct to all parent to avoid neglecting their kids to avoid this curse of life.

Many comedian and famous people have always created a fake scandle on social media to gain more comments and like but this of Proffesor Hammo is taking another serious direction.

We all pray that all goes well for our best comedian. We all loved him hopefully he will come to his sences and perform his rightfull duties.

Here is what people had to say about Hammo on facebook.photo|courtesy photo|courtesy

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