What is the most important Punch in Boxing?


In modern sport boxing,the jab is the most fundamental.The Jabs utility throughout a fight and its versatility makes it the most important punch in boxing.And with regards to knockouts,a boxer can win a fight,but only because his opponent is unable to continue the fight within the prescribed time limit.

Many great boxers over the years shared one similarity and that is the effectiveness of there respective jabs.Muhammad Ali,Sonny Liston,Larry Holmes and Marvin Hagler to name but afew.Foreman said boxing is easy if you know "how to jab",Muhammad Ali said it took him 20years for him to throw a good jab and Larry Holmes learned it from Muhammad Ali.

What makes the jab so crucial is that;the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.And the shortest distance between two boxers is the jabbing distance.In short,It's the quickest path to the target.

Importance of the jab

A stiff,snapping jab is effective in a boxing match.Being hit by one will not usually do a serious damage but it disrupts your ability to think.

1) It scores points,

2) It establishes range,especially if you have a reach advantage over your opponent.A good jab can aid a shorter boxer to get close to the opponent and land power punches.And it can aid the taller boxer to keep their shorter opponent outside of there punching range.

3) It can establish the tempo you wish to fight at.

4) It discourages grappling among boxers.

5) Countinous jab is damaging.Six or seven rounds of accurately landed jabs can close eyes,break noses and even cause cuts than can end a match.

The types of jabs

The jab is highly recognised and even often you will hear boxing announcers using the phrase"working behind the jab".What that simply means is; that the jab is the most fundamental punch.Therefore types of punch include

1) Paw jab.Its used to block the opponents vision and keep them in a subconscious feeling.

2 Power jab.Power in boxing comes from the feet (not the hands).By keeping the lead foot forward,the boxer is able to throw a power jab.Power in boxing is all about shifting weight to either foot.

3)Parry jab.The boxer can parry his opponent through using his left hand then followed by a jab while his off guard.

4)This is where the boxer throws a feint jab followed by a power jab that causes more damage.

5) Counter jab.This is a very unpredictable move where the boxer slips a jab to the opponents body.

6) Flicker jab.Its also very unpredictable to see it coming as the boxer hands are freely hanging.

Lastly a bonus tip.Practice the jab,and remember it's tied to your footwork.Specifically your left leg and how much you can bend it without telegraphing your punches.It sets everything else up.Thank you.

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