Moyo Lawal Shares Photos Of Herself Twisting Her Body As She Exercises Today


Exercise is part of the things that keeps us healthy and functional. It eases congestion in the body and allows for easy movements of our bones and muscles. Exercise is for everyone, no matter the body structure. Even though some schools of thought have it that exercise is for those who are fat. This is a fat lie. Exercise has other benefits that can be derived from it aside burning fats.

Moyo Lawal is a nollywood actress who hardly goes a day without flaunting pictures of herself while working out. Truly, it is good to keep fit just like Moyo Lawal is showing us this morning. She took to her Instagram page to share photos of herself twisting her body. Twisting one's body can be possible only when you exercise often. Your body becomes very flexible in such a way that one can twist his or her body any how she wants.

Moyo is really giving us the cravings we aspire this morning with her twisting position exercise. Let's inculcate the habit of doing exercise often so as to remain healthy and functional. To me, exercise is truly a way of life.

See photos of her below:

Photo credit: Instagram