"If You Can't Date Me For Only Three Months And Make Me Your Wife, Kaa na Mama Yako!- Kamene Goro

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Kamene and Jalas. Instagram.

If you do not follow #KameneAndJalas in this 254 then you are missing big time. Kamene Goro hosts a morning show alongside comedian Felix Odiwour alias Jalang'o. Jalas was fired from milele fm months ago but he has his own unique way to move with his followers.

Being a radio show, which needs to only be listened to, Jalang'o style is diferent they also video record the whole radio show and uploads across their social media platforms.

Today's big question was, How long will you date a man or a lady before settling down as husband and wife?

Before throwing the question the audience, Kamene gives her opinion;

"Ladies, Kamene your big sister is here for you and I want us to have a big conversation, do you have a boyfriend? I want you to think how long you been nanii's girlfriend sawa?

one year? thats ok, two years? not too bad, three years? aaiii, four five six years maze, uko mahali unasema yeah we've been in a relationship for six years, what are you doing? Six years you have been a girlfriend?

Ask me why am saying this, I read a story of this lady, who met her husband and they dated, got engaged and got married and this is during this corona in fifteen days! Why are you sitting there with Nanii for six years and he hasn't wifed you?

Let us bring this down to three months by the way, I will be your girlfriend for three months and if you are not going to promote me, walk out of my life."Photo Instagram

The Kiss FM fans following this morning show were also positive about this conversation and they took to the comment section to give out their views. Here are some of the comments;

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