"Yes we are dating" says Maps Maponyane, check who he is dating

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Maps Mponyane finally took the cat out of the bag and sparked dating rumors about Kim Kardashian. He did this after reading an article claiming that the two were together. 

 Maps Mponyane finally took the cat out of the bag and rekindled rumors of Kim Kardashian's dating. After reading an article claiming that the two were together, he went on. 

 Maps Maponyane is currently traveling around the world and is in Dubai for the Dubai Expo 2020. He came across an absurd article claiming that he and Kim Kardashian were on vacation together in the countryside. The 

 heading says "Map and Kim-it works for us," and the map simply states that the cat finally jumped out of his bag without any denial or admission. 

 "I think the cat is out of the bag." "It's too hot here to keep anything secret," he joked. 

 Of course, these rumors aren't true because Maps enjoys a private love life that isn't in the limelight. Especially after that, Nomzamo Mbata's stunts. 

 Kim Kardashian has divorced her husband Kanye West and is dating other people in public, not Map Maponyan. 

 Many celebrities gathered in his comment section, playing with Zulu Mucatini and saying that the map should put good words for Kourtney Kardashian and him :) "

 Map jokingly said The clouds I landed on. "

 You may be wondering what the Nomzamo Mbata stunt was. Well, last year, Nomzamo Mbata was ready to spill all the beans and leave the cans empty. She hinted that the decomposition of beans is more complicated than the average person knows. 

 Maps Maponyane caused controversy by posting a photo of himself with Doppelganger and blaming him on Clickbait. "Is there anything for Clickbait?" Nomzamo 


. Nomzamo was then angry when he answered a question about Maps' resurrected romance. "Not now," she said, referring to him in his official title. I never have. Masego, don't take advantage of my decision to thank you in the face of my silence and adversity. "She replied:" If you shake the can again, I will open it. "

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