Have you Seen Kyndall lately, Checkout her Amazing transformation in her recent pictures.


Dance as we all know, is a form of expression and to some people, it's ultimately happiness. It requires energy and passion to pursue anything one wants in life. This is the case of a teenager, who has shown the dance world what it means to be good at what you do. 

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Her name is Kyndall Harris. She was born to her parents, Shontal and Terris Harris in the year 2002 in United States of America. She is currently 19-years of age and she is already a force to reckon with when it comes to dance. She is a model, actress and a video vixen as she has featured in one of Chris Brown's music video. Her career kickstarted after she went on a music tour with Janet Jackson at a very young age as she was the youngest in the group. 

Below are her few recent pictures;

Kyndall with Chris Brown.

She is really doing well for herself at her age and she hopes to own her own dance school someday.

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