“Why I couldn’t stop masturbating” – Gospel artist MOG shares

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Ghanaian gospel musician MOG has talked about how he struggled with masturbation and overcame the tremendous want to continuously indulge himself. He claimed that up until the Holy Spirit got involved, he had a very hard time escaping the grip of masturbation.

When talking about his time as an active adolescent who used drugs, smoked, and drank alcohol, MOG said that his battle with masturbation continued even after he became a Christian.

MOG revealed that he was determined to stop masturbating and, as a result, confided in his spiritual fathers and leaders for direction and advice. However, this did not provide the desired outcomes.

For MOG to be free from masturbation, the Holy Spirit had to make a spiritual intervention. He claimed that no matter how much assistance he had at the time asked, it would not have enabled him to escape.

MOG claims that he was so deeply entangled spiritually that only the Holy Spirit could free him from the self-gratifying act.

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